Toys at the Table

I recently spent $5 on one of the most useful toys ever! I was in Lakeshore, and happened upon this mini bead maze at the checkout counters (you know, when they drop a bunch of random little tchotchkes that are just cheap enough to remain under-the-radar and just cute enough that you need to swag one?). The only reason I even thought to buy one is because I remembered my sister Shterni had an adorable little classic bead maze with a suction cup underneath it that she used at her kids high chair years ago - she said it kept his fingers occupied for a few precious little minutes before the snack actually landed on his tray.

I bought one on a whim thinking I'd somehow figure out how to attach a suction cup to it, at some point... But, of course, I failed to remember all about my crafty husband and his ingenius ideas; he whipped out a roll of heavy-duty velcro from his (impossibly random!) tool bag and snipped a little strip off to secured the toy directly to Hudi's high chair tray. Of course that's not as clean as a suction cup, but I figure it will stay fixated there for a while now, and when I really want to rid of it - a little GooGone and a warm sponge should ease off the adhesive easily.

Hudi has been loving it! It gives her something to fiddle with while she waits for me to settle her sister (who seems to need her toast cut into very precise pieces lately), fry up an egg, get her afternoon snack together, or finish the dishes (she's happy to play around with that and munch on some cheerios while I speedily wash some breakfast plates).

Anyways! I tried to find this one online, but strangely had no such luck. So I browsed around a bit to find you something similar. Here's: one with a suction, a cuter one with a suction, and an ever cuter Eric Carle version a lot like mine.

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