Fresh Love + a Roundup!!

for like ever New love always has me giddy with excitement and nostalgia...! So here's what's been going down that has just stolen my heart: my beautiful, sensitive, and intimidatingly-fashionable younger sister is engaged!!! I've been so excited I feel like my heart is full of sunshine! Her husband-to-be is so perfect for her, that when we're together with them it feels like the most natural family bond - like we've known him forever... I'm so excited to watch them grow together as a unit, and I'm even more excited knowing how intensely the relationship of sisters deepens as they become part of the sisterhood of wives, and of course, at some point, mothers. :) I love you so much Rivkee, and I'm so happy and excited, and overwhelmed with joy for you!!! xoxo

On that note, here are some links of love from the www that have made me look:

- For Like Ever. May be overexposed, but I still love it enough to hang it.

- Brand of love.

- Married Sunday mornings.

- Cupfuls of love.

- Romeo + Juliet - what some rebranding can do to romance.

- Ceramic proposal?

- I still love Helvetica.

- Most beautiful corset I've ever seen. Swoon!

- Cutest wedding gift!

Also, this love story by Pixar still makes me cry every time I see it!!


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