LOVE Links

Wishing you all a romantic weekend! Hope you get to spend it doing lots of the things you love with the people you love!!

I spotted this print over at the Positive Posters and I think it's perfectly romantic. Plus, it makes me laugh. I've even wish-listed it for my bedroom...

Aside from that, I've seen lots of things this week worth sharing:

- 50 years of love AND marriage (through the lens of Lauren Fleishman)

- The puzzle of the broken heart

DIY "hot lips" pillow

- Another romantic typography-forward print

- Straightforwardness via a throw pillow

-  The good folks behind Anthropologie are now launching a wedding line!

- Kate Spade's charming love shout-outs (i.e. Valentine) collection

I'm so looking forward to date night tomorrow (we moved it to Monday for some extra romantics this week) - wracking my brain to think of something extra fun and unusual... Had a long day, so I'm really ready to settle in with some homemade mushroom pizza and the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards!! The lineup this year is insane! So many of my favorite things at one destination: Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mick Jagger, and heaps of fashion!!!

But first, here are some links to all the "love" themed posts from the Freidafroo files featured this time last year:

- Date Night @ the kitchen table

- Cooking can be sexy!

- Foreplay or Choreplay?

- Love via Google

- Lace + Color + Comfort

- Breaking the Date Night rut...

- Calorie-torching bedroom-worthy workout

- Multi-tasking: candlelight dinner to lights out...

Here's to the LOVE!!!

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