Happy, happy Summer time!! Wishing all you mamas heaps of glorious sunshine, golden tan lines (even through that SPF), graceful summer sunsets, and a generous amount of do-nothing relaxation moments!

I can't get over how much Freida grows each summer!! I love when each season ends and another begins; watching life, and change, and growth. It makes me so appreciative of every healthy happy moment....!

I hope you are all whittling down your Summer Bucket List! I've been working on mine, but we are on the precipice of some (gigantic and exciting!) new developments around here which will change around my schedule, location, and planning quite a bit... But here are some of the things I was planning on knocking out this Summer:

- Tim Burton Exhibit at LACMA

- Building an outdoor sandbox

- A Sunday spent on a boat at Sea

- Date-night BBQ on the beach

- Street Art Exhibit at MOCA

- A Sunday hiking Torry Pines Reserve + dinner in San Diego

- Homemade fresh strawberry sorbet

If you're still needing some more Summery-goodness inspiration, check out this awe-inspiring Summer Bucket List from Meg!!

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