As I've mentioned previously, I'm finally on the lookout for some versatile maternity pieces, and trying to put together a tiny and minimalist maternity collection - mostly things that will last me through pregnancy, into postpartum, and preferably beyond! Have you ladies ever heard of Hatch by Two Birds? Firstly, and foremost - how awesome is that name?! Just the word itself depicts the items in this collection as those functioning well beyond birth! Hatch! Anyways, the main idea is a teeny-tiny collection of the very best pieces an urban girl could live in! While the tags are quite pricey, it's not the very items themselves that could me - it's the idea of the signature and classic pieces that manage to make up a full wardrobe! Check this:

Cardigan, Errands Dress, Button Down, Overcoat, Soiree Dress, Afternoon Dress, T-Shirt, Dinner Party Dress, Wrap. 9 pieces I could live in.


You can start with the basics you should already have in your closet (great leggings, pencil skirts, and blazers), and move on from there, building piece by piece for a versatile, long -lasting "maternity" collection. Plus, buying like this should take you well beyond "hatched"!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28726307]

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