Balloon Class

While majority of my time over the past few weeks has been spent on either settling into our new home, or planning and working on my newest project, Babyccino, it dawned on me recently that Freida's birthday is in just a few little days!! The big 3 totally and completely snuck up on me!! And though I feel guilty about it now, I've really been working on convincing myself that I had every reason in the world to neglect planning her special day: a new place, a new job, a new city, a new and final trimester in my pregnancy (!!), and to top it all off - I've just gotten blood test results that show I am severely anemic! I was low on iron while pregnant with Freida was well, but this time it looks like the deficiency is far greater. I'm just so relieved to know that something is actually wrong with me, and that what's been going on inside of me is not, in fact, normal at all. Grocery shopping takes me falling faintly on the couch upon completion, small tasks look like treacherous mountains, and no matter where I find myself - that spot on the floor looks like an amazing place to curl up for a nap! So grateful to hear that something is off, and that this will not get worse and worse as delivery draws closer...! I'll be getting onto an iron supplement immediately, and I should be seeing results within a few days of medication. Joy!! Which, brings me back to Freida's party - threw a little backyard shin-dig together for the cousins this Sunday afternoon, and looking forward to a lovely few hours spent with family (especially since my mother will be in town - we are going to fetch her at LAX after lunch today!!!) celebrating our little lady and her divine entrance into this world 3 bright and beautiful years ago!

While on my quest for some last-minute-party inspiration, I came upon the realization that balloons can have some serious class!! Not just that, but while balloons have been used as props in fashion photography for quite some time, now they seem to be seriously stealing the spotlight!! Especially the giant round ones, like we had at Freida's first birthday - they are popping up everywhere!!

It seems lots of moms these days are either suffering from balloon-overkill or seem to think the balloon era has faded the way of pin-the-tail on the donkey, in any case these fashion shots are sure a strong shout-out that ballons are very much in the here and now, and proves they can be both chic and childish - providing perfect party pictures!

And for those of you adults who are still feeling a bit balloon-weary... check out Geronimo; not just for kids anymore!! I'd totally love to order one of these babies for a friends birthday - just imagine this being delivered to your doorstep, attached to your favorite cupcake! Magic...

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