The Cold Season

So "man plans and G-d laughs" - there goes my plans for getting back to normal... Freida seems to have picked up whatever was going around this past week. She had some symptoms of a cold yesterday evening, and came down with a wee bit of fever just in time for bed; our night was long and sniffly. I guess with the cold weather (no, I am not complaining, I am glad for a break in the heat!) came the cold season. And honestly, after a holiday like last, her immune system was really in jeopardy - the intense lack of sleep + the insane amount of consumed sugar and sh*t from shul = very vulnerable immunity. Should've seen it coming... Anyways, we are using all our favoritel tactics to nip this in the bud before it goes viral! Thought I'd share some "flu season" remedies.

Number 1: Crane Humidifier. Hands down, the best one out there! This humidifier can turn any room into a tropical rainforest in seconds using the safety of cool mist, and noiselessly, to boot! I've tried many others, and found this to be the only one that actually does what I need it to - keep her nose running and not stuffing. Plus, no need to hide these guys; the designs are sleek, streamlined, and even quite cute.

(The "raindrop" design wasn't yet released when we got ours, but it sure is super good looking!)

During flu-season last year I posted these other great remedies to keep the bugs at bay, and we're still using this insulated sippy-cup for echinachea-infused morning tea and warm doses of chicken soup.

I guess we won't be getting back to regular schedule for a few more days after all...

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